Perspectives of Enlightenment

Perspectives of Enlightenment
Photography Exhibit featuring Miju Sanjin Club

Carnegie Gallery • February 10 – April 1, 2018

For some, a viewfinder merely frames and focuses a picture… for us, a viewfinder transports us to new worlds. It is all about perspective. Some say a sun rising is the most beautiful sight… for others, it is a sun setting.

Life is a journey. In the autumn of our lives, as we return down paths traveled over the years, we have a different perspective and see things that were always there yet were never noticed. There is a searching and yearning to live our lives in the most meaningful way possible, which leads us to see, feel, and perceive life in new and different ways.

On our journey, we have each chosen the camera to capture the moments that make up the meaning of life. Though our past experiences and histories are unique and diverse, behind the viewfinder we share the same goal – to transform a single moment into a touchable and unforgettable memory, and then to go further to enlighten our soul.

As amateur photographers we have come to see worlds through the viewfinder – worlds we did not see before. We see worlds captured in a moment, captured by our cameras, to be reborn and to touch our hearts.

So we take pictures of nature, of people, of artifacts…of the ordinary and the extraordinary…we take pictures everywhere our lives lead us, and they are beautiful and precious. And we are grateful that the camera has opened our eyes to these new worlds and that we are able to more fully appreciate and love everything around us.

Here, we would like to share our experiences with you – what we saw, what we felt – through our photos. We hope that you see and feel new worlds as we do and that the photos touch your heart.

Miju Sajin Club Participating Members:
Irene Ahn
Joonho K.P Auh
Mack Choi
Young E. Chung
Janghi Hong
Kyung Hong
Paul Jun
Thomas Jun
Eunhee Kang
Christine Kim
Kwang H. Kim
Nak S. Kim
Won C. Koh
Charles Kyung
Young K Lee
Jiyeon Lim
D.J. Pai
Catherine Stover
Moo H. Shon
Choon M. Tschun
Yong K. Yi

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