Upcoming Exhibitions


September 3, 2022 - October 30, 2022 - Historic Carnegie Galleries

The Anaheim Art Association was established in 1963 to promote understanding and appreciation of fine art among the citizens of the community, encourage advanced study in art, and provide art exhibits and competitions of interest to its members.

This large annual exhibition encompasses artists from all over Anaheim and across mediums, including oil and acrylic painting, watercolor, photography, and mixed media. Join us in celebrating the talented arts community here in Anaheim!

About This Year's Juror:

Joe A. Oakes

Artist's Statement
My landscapes are about the joy of nature and the colors it offers us. I paint with colors that evoke feelings of the first brilliant seconds of sunrise and the last fiery moments of sunset. Expressing those feelings through the use of bold, vibrant highlights and shadows of violet hues is my signature. I paint tributes to the mountains, fields and trees in the hopes it will slow us down long enough to appreciate them. Every painting is a challenge to examine the colors of our world and reconnect with nature.


Joe A. Oakes was a curious and observant child that started drawing at the age of five. He has been painting full time since 2008 and like other artists, previously worked at other things including substitute teacher, art consultant and graphic designer. Oakes has survived cancer and the loss of a child and has used these life changing events to propel his art career forward. His landscapes burn with the excitement of bold, bright color and draw on scenes from all over the U.S. but especially the Southwest and the state of California. Oakes’ work offers a new perspective on color and place while offering a meditative sense of calm, happiness and reverence for the land. He holds a BFA from California State University, Fullerton and among his awards are the Distinguished Artist Award from the City of La Quinta, CA in 2011 and a First Place Award for his work in “Visions” Exhibition at Chaffey Community Museum of Art in Ontario, CA in 2019. Oakes resides near Riverside in Southern California.


October 8, 2022 - January 22, 2023 - Main Gallery

American illusionist Harry Houdini rose to world fame for his sensational escape acts. He first attracted notice in vaudeville in the US and then as "Harry 'Handcuff' Houdini" on a tour of Europe, where he challenged police forces to keep him locked up. Soon he extended his repertoire to include chains, ropes slung from skyscrapers, straitjackets under water, and having to escape from and hold his breath inside a sealed milk can with water in it. This world-premiere exhibit will include first edition books, personal letters and contracts, handcuffs, stage props, locks and the famed milk can from the 1908 escape illusion.

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