MUZEO is on Tongva land.

About Us


An innovative model for urban cultural centers, Muzeo is a 25,000 square foot complex consisting of Anaheim’s historic Carnegie Library and a state of the art, versatile gallery space opened in 2007.

Muzeo engages the community in exploring and celebrating our diverse heritage, culture, and arts through creative programming.

The historic Carnegie Building, built with funding from steel magnate and philanthropist Andrew Carnegie, served as Anaheim’s library from 1908 to 1963. In 1978, as the city was growing and new library facilities opened, the building became a center for local history and research. In 1984, it became the Anaheim Museum, collecting and displaying art and artifacts from Anaheim’s rich history until the creation of Muzeo in 2007.

Muzeo houses the offices of the Anaheim Historical Society, honoring the past while showcasing changing, innovative exhibits in art, history, contemporary culture, and science. The center also hosts concerts, workshops, walking tours, poetry readings, family events, and more.


Our Mission


The Muzeo Museum and Cultural Center engages the community in exploring and celebrating our diverse heritage, culture and arts through creative programming.


Board of Directors


Elisa Stipkovich                                                  Diana Kotler

Steve Faessel                                                       Sjany Larsen-Cash

Laura Alcala                                                        Helen Myers

Tracy Antolin                                                      Chance O’Neil

Kyle Bonenberger                                              Curt Pringle

Aaron Chaves                                                      William Taormina

Ryan Hall                                                             Kristine Thalman

Michael Johnson                                                Alicia Valadez


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