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Art Dumpsters by CCC Arthouse

Art Dumpsters Gallery

A project to beautify downtown Anaheim

In partnership with the City of Anaheim, Republic Services, and CCC Arthouse, MUZEO spearheaded a project to bring character and artistry to one of the least beautiful facets of city life - our trash. The public/private project was designed to create community around public art, support small businesses in downtown Anaheim, and beautify the area for all residents, businesses, and patrons.

Dumpsters were donated by Republic Services and painted by local artists at CCC Arthouse, a street/graffiti artist collective in Anaheim. Paint and stipends for artists provided by CCC Arthouse’s owner Chance O’Neil, MUZEO, and Mayor Pro Tem Steve Faessel. Artists from CCC Arthouse painted the dumpsters over a period of months, with several artists often collaborating on each bin. Then, Republic Services delivered the bins to the businesses, exchanging their old dumpster for a new work of art. 

Downtown Anaheim businesses participating in the project include: Blind Rabbit, Cervantes, Hummus Bean, Okayama,  Requiem, Strong Water, and Urbana.

This project is dedicated in memory of USURPS.