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Emigdio “Higgy” Vasquez Preserves Murals by Father and Legendary Chicano Artist Emigdio Vasquez

Emigdio Vasquez Jr, or “Higgy” as he prefers to be called, is the son of Emigdio Vasquez, an American Chicano artist and muralist. Known as the Godfather of Hispanic artists, Vasquez Sr. was internationally known for his photo-realistic style. Since his death in 2014, Higgy has carried on his father’s legacy by restoring his murals. Higgy had apprenticed and assisted Emigdio on many mural projects and painted a small bit at the Ibero Mural as a 10-year-old child. Now an adult, Higgy is often referred to as, ‘the brush that paints twice’ with the ability to restore his father’s murals.

Some notable murals by Emigdio Vasquez Sr.:

  • Memories of the Past, Images of the Present, 1977, Ibero-American Market, 327 S. Lemon St., Anaheim, 13’ x 106’, sponsored by City of Anaheim. (poor condition)
  • A Peek at the Fifties, 1978, La Palma Drive-In, 8’ x 40’ sponsored by City of Anaheim. (demolished)
  • Raices del Pachuco, 1979, George Washington Center, Anaheim, 5’ x 10’ sponsored by the City of Anaheim. In English the title reads Pachuco Roots (condition unknown)
  • Nuestra Experiencia en el Siglo Veinte, 1980, Salvation Army Parking Lot Wall, Anaheim, 6’ x 106’ The title in English reads, Our Experience with the Twentieth Century. (good condition)
  • One Hundred and Twenty-Five Years of Progress, 1982, Anaheim Civic Center, 200 S. Anaheim Blvd. Anaheim. 6’ x 12’ sponsored by City of Anaheim, (excellent condition)
  • Un Dia en el Mercado, 1983, Sancho’s Mexican Restaurant, Anaheim, 10’ x 100’ sponsored by City of Anaheim. In English the title reads, A Day at the Market. (demolished)
  • Towards the Twenty-First Century, 1985, Manzanita Park, Anaheim 6’ x 67’ sponsored by Carl Karcher founder of Carl’s Jr. (poor condition, Vasquez Jr. hopes to restore this with support by the City)

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