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HOPE Center for the Arts Presentation – FREE

inside the artist’s studio

Presentation with artists Cheryl Walker and Marvin Castillo
August 13, 1-3pm – FREE 

Rhythmic Bond  presented by HOPE Center for the Arts 
This exhibition features the collaborative work of HOPE artist, Marvin Castillo, and Los Angeles based artist, Cheryl Walker; both mark makers, one living with disabilities, one without.  This is the story of their work together in the studio as part of HOPE Center for the Arts visiting artist/mentorship program HOPE Art Lab.

Marvin speaks through movement, through gesture; the gesture of the mark, the movement of his hand. All of the pieces in the show are truly collaborative, touched by each artist’s hand. This process changed Marvin. It was as if, through his interaction with Cheryl, the title of artist was bestowed, transferred through the shared space of making. In the making of this body of work, Marvin clearly began to regard  himself as an artist through an awareness of being recognized and validated by an established artist (Cheryl) for his contribution. And for Cheryl, she learned to take her cues from Marvin, to follow his lead, to adjust to his mark. In turn, Marvin gave Cheryl the space to reconnect to the intrinsic therapeutic value of art making, connecting to the flow of life and to each other, speaking in marks. What transpired between them was the alchemy of connection, the rhythmic bond.

For more information about HOPE Center for the Arts, please visit HOPE Art Lab is funded in part by the National Endowment for the Arts.

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Carnegie Gallery

The Historic 1908 Carnegie Library is on the United States National Register of Historic Places, and was built using a 10K grant funded by Andrew Carnegie. It served as the city library until 1963, then became home to the Anaheim Museum in 1987 before becoming part of Muzeo in 2007. Available for private event rental.

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