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An Afternoon of Poetic Vision with Natalie Elaine & Friends

SUNDAY,  AUGUST 9, 2020  |  1:00 PM – 2:00 PM

Muzeo Museum & Cultural Center presents An Afternoon of Poetic Vision with Natalie Elaine & Friends. This intimate virtual poetry reading will include 5 illustrious poets.

Jada Jones always proclaiming ‘the purpose of having any gift is to serve’ is a Dallas, Texas native. The 22-yr old recent quarantined college graduate who received her BBA in Business Administration has always had her hands in all things ART. Jada is often described as a passionate empath who enjoys helping others by promoting self-love using all 5 senses. Her favorite quote is “when you become the diamond, you’ll no longer wonder why life had to pressure you.”


Taqi Mustafaa, also known as S2 The SoothSayer was born and raised in Dallas. He is an aspiring musician, lyricist, vocal performer, poet, and an overall creative. Using the gifts I’ve been given of word and sound, I strive to not only connect the world but connect to the world with peace and love for all being the basis!



Alejandro Perez Jr. is a Dallas native and a multidisciplinary arts educator. He is a spoken word artist, DaVerse Lounge MC, published poet, a married father of six, life coach and mentor. Alejandro is also a martial arts instructor, with a Contra-Mestre ranking in the discipline for 22 years.



Lady Brion is an award-winning poet, activist, educator, and organizer. Just recently, she became the 3rd ranked woman slam poet in the world. Her other championship titles include Southern Fried Poetry Slam, Rusbelt Poetry Slam, Baltimore Grand Slam, and The National Poetry Slam. She is the founder and executive director of Maryland’s first and only Black Arts District and the author of “With My Head Unbowed”.


Hosted by: Natalie Elaine is a Texas girl living in sunny southern California. She is devoted to making an impact through sharing her love of poetry, art, yoga, and meditation to the world. She is committed to living a life of truth and discovery with her writing. She encourages everyone to tap into their gifts and not be afraid to use them. She is currently working on a book of poetry and affirmations and plans to open a yoga studio by 2021 that incorporates a literary experience for all levels to enjoy.

One of her favorite quotes is by Alice Walker “The most common way people give up their power is by thinking they don’t have any.”

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