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Science Festival

Free Event Presented by: Andrew Needles

Saturday, September 28, 2019  •  1:00 – 3:00 pm

Kids from K through 6th grade will have a fun-filled day learning the basics of science and be amazed by magnet demonstrations. Magnet play is one of the first simple science activities that kids can experience because magnets are easy to use, fun and resources are easy!

The k-3 group will be “slightly” assembling their project with toilet paper tubes or pvc, or even small race. They will also be given a short stick with a magnet already screwed to the end, which will be used to “push” the race car down the track. The assembly part only really comes in for the wheels and any stickers we bring in for them to put on the tubes.

The 4-6 group will have a little more hands-on access. They will be building a small “motor” inserting it into a toilet paper tube that they will line the inside of with aluminum foil. The assembling piece, once laid on the ground and let go of, will start to move on its own, producing the race. This is about learning about magnets, the basic concept of a motor, applying what they learn, and using/learning a little common sense (the biggest magnet or the biggest battery doesn’t always win), as it is about competing in the race for a prize.

Special accolades will be awarded to groups and individuals who have won their races. Individuals will be recognized for their efforts who proved outstanding performances during the science activity.

About Andrew Needles:

Andrew is an electronics designer and entrepreneur. He has over twenty years experience in electronic design and product development in diverse fields such as automotive, health and wellness, personal security, home automotive and alternative energies.

He is the founder of Clarkson Technologies, a company that researches and develops new forms of clean tech energies. He has created the Clarkson-Alva Energy System, a new and innovative form of alternative energy.

He is also the founder of Light Therapy For Life, a company that manufactures and develops light therapy devices for health and wellness.

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