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September Open Book Author Series – FREE

Michael S. Oates made his author’s debut with  Wade In The Water, a coming of age story of tragedy and triumph set in 1889 Pennsylvania amidst the backdrop of the great Johnstown flood. He will debut his latest book The Stones in the Fields at this presentation.

The Stones in the Field tells the tragic story of the Castillo family victimized by a senseless kidnapping for ransom. When Don Luis is taken from his farm at gunpoint, a wife, brother, sister-in-law and daughter must set aside their personal differences and fight for his return. Relationships are challenged, faith is questioned, and redemption is found in the most unlikely of places.

Set in present day Mexico and based on true events, the novel brings to light the now pandemic crime of kidnap for ransom once reserved for murderous mafias or drug running cartels. Blunt, edgy and disturbingly real, The Stones in the Field is a character driven race of emotion told through the eyes of a family divided; the faithful wife Camila; the guilt stricken brother Armando; Rosa, the vain sister-in-law; and Yolanda, the sweet and innocent daughter on the eve of her quince años. Juxtaposed with the family’s battle for a peaceful resolution, is the cursed life of Gustavo Navarro, a trained assassin, battling demons of his own while forced to watch over the kidnapped Luis.

When a ransom amount is agreed upon and an exchange of man for money arranged, the Castillos set off to retrieve their stolen patriarch. But in a world where money and violence reign, there is little room for happy endings.

About Michael S. Oates

Born in Dallas, TexaMichaelOatess, and moved to California in 1973, Oates graduated from the California State University in Fullerton in 1992 with a Masters degree in Business Administration and a Minor in Music. Over the past sixteen years, he has grown his southwestern style restaurant into a thriving fixture in his home town of Fullerton, and has been recognized for his achievements in the industry by California State Senator Mimi Walters and U.S. Congressman Ed Royce. While operating one of the most popular downtown eateries, he continually taps into the creative side of his brain by exploring his passion for writing, both in music and the printed word. An accomplished pianist and guitarist, he has performed at venues up and down the pacific coast and written theme music for both television and the live stage.

When his restaurant and his writing don’t keep him busy enough, he fills time reading Steinbeck, Hemingway, and his favorite contemporary author Cormac McCarthy, playing his grand piano, teaching martial arts, and traveling the world with his wife Liza, and his sons, Jameson and Riley.

On writing compelling literature, Oates draws from E.B. White’s advice – don’t write a story about man, write a story about a man.  “Great stories are about great characters,” says Oates.  “And I’ve been fortunate in business and travel to come across all sorts, from the boring and mundane, to the fascinating, the wild, and the borderline insane.”

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