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VIRTUart Contest by Child Creativity Lab + Muzeo Museum

Here are a five steps 1️⃣2️⃣3️⃣4️⃣5️⃣ from our friends at Child Creativity Lab on how they go through the creative process:

Inspiration comes from “outside” of yourself. You can find it in nature or from a person, book or song that you like. Look around you – Inspiration is everywhere!

2. IDEA ?
The idea is what comes from inspiration – but it grows inside of you.
Collect all your ideas – nothing is too small, too big or too crazy!

This is where you start thinking about details and start planning.
Choose tools and materials that work best to bring your idea to life!

Creating is soooo much fun – this is where you “produce” your art. Don’t worry if things turn out differently than you planned!
The beauty of creating art is that there are NO RULES!

5. SHARE ??
Art is a form of communication and is meant to be shared.
Show us your ideas and your creativity through your art – we can’t wait to see it!

ENTRY INFORMATION: Create your masterpiece using upcycled materials found around your house and send a picture to We will feature the pictures in a virtual gallery on Facebook and Child Creativity Lab will feature works on their social media. It’s your chance to win fun prizes and become part of our museum!

Submissions will be featured in a a virtual art gallery album on our Facebook as well as on social channels for Muzeo and Child Creativity Lab. All submissions are due by June 19, 2020. Due to privacy, entry posts on Child Creativity Lab and Muzeo’s websites and social media will only include the photo of the art, child’s first name and age. Entries may not include any other identifying items or actual people or students. All entries will become the property of Muzeo Museum and Cultural Center and Child Creativity Lab.