MUZEO is on Tongva land.

Historical Society of Second Baptist Church

Saturday, January 11,    Sunday, March 29, 2020

Exhibited in the Muzeo Carnegie Building – Kabel Gallery

The museum will represent both Second Baptist Church (SBC) and First Baptist Church (FBC). FBC has been a life-long friend to SBC from its beginnings in 1925 donating the 1st  pulpit, bibles, song books and chairs. The two congregations have remained in fellowship for 97 years. FBC worshiped on the SBC campus during the last 3 years of their 148 years existence (1871-2019). FBC closed its doors in 2019 and entrusted SBC to preserve its archives. This exhibit represents the fellowship and unity the two churches have shared over the years and their impact in the community and around the world.

The SBC display will represent years 1923 – 1972. The FBC display will represent years 1871 – 2019.

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Carnegie Gallery

The Historic 1908 Carnegie Library is on the United States National Register of Historic Places, and was built using a 10K grant funded by Andrew Carnegie. It served as the city library until 1963, then became home to the Anaheim Museum in 1987 before becoming part of Muzeo in 2007. Available for private event rental.

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