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Moments of Reflection

An Exhibit by the Mukrim Brush Painting Club              

April 6th – June 30th

Each painting is a unique memory for the artist and a reflection of a vibrant life.

Back in our homeland of Korea, it is just this time in early spring when the fragrance of flowers fills the air. It reminds me of the old saying “… half is done, just by starting.” Ten seasons have passed since the Mukrim Brush Painting Club first began. Each year, there have been new plans and resolutions, good times and bad times. Our first exhibition, “Eye Opening,” was our beginning, and we now find ourselves having our fifth exhibition, “Moments of Reflection.” Although we are amateurs, we have grown by enjoying the journey – to learn, paint, and write our stories.

The 35 members of Mukrim have come together to bring life to this exhibition. “Moments of Reflection” is a collection that involves the classic “Four Gentlemen,” natural landscapes, traditional folk art, fans and folding screens – over 100 art works. The centerpiece of the exhibit is the beautiful Mt. Geum Gang in North Korea. Although we have never set eyes upon it, through

a unified effort of all 35 members – it came alive through our imagination. Painting 12,000 peaks of peaks in all different shapes and sizes our members symbolized in one painting the idea of unity.

Mukrim is not a talent competition, but a place of learning and sharing. In our busy lives, it is where we share love through friendship and affection. We present this exhibition as an albumin filled with memories – for our members, and family and friends that have supported us. Looking back, it is a testament for enduring the difficult times, to end up with this beautiful gift.


Gloria Ahn

Angie Chang

Nancy Chang

Angie Cho

Esther Choi

Jenny Choi

Jinkyu Choi

Sook Hee Choi

Sylvia Choi

Young Ae Choi

Cecilia Chong

Seung Chong

Annes Chung

Sue Chung

Boon Yon Kim

Keum Kim

Michelle Kim

Susan Kim

Sophia Kim

Annie Lee

Duk Kyung Lee

Eun Hwa Lee

Jenny Lim

Jin Sook Lim

Kwi Ok Moon

Eunice Paik

Jenifer Park

Yang Ja Park

Young Soon Oh

Sarah Ryu

Janet Yoon

Ok Hee Yoon

Gina Youn

Tina Yun

Paula Wang

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