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How to Make a Twisted Spiral Ornament with Retta

Make a beautiful handmade ornament with this easy holiday activity from Fiber Artist Loretta Alvarado.

Please note that this activity requires using sharp objects and is likely not suitable for young children.

What you’ll need:

  • Fabric – recycled is great!
  • Aluminum Flashing – find it at your local hardware store or order online
  • Binder Clips – to hold the aluminum flashing in place
  • Box Knife – to cut aluminum flashing
  • Scissors – to cut fabric
  • Ruler or straight edge – longer than 10 inches
  • Ribbon, string, yarn, or hanging hook
  • Hammer, large nail and wood block – to make the hole in the ornament for the ribbon or hanging hook
  • Glue stick or some sort of liquid glue – anything will work
  • Plastic to cover your work surface – because GLUE