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OC Weekly Review on “Ghost Stories and Fairy Tales” Exhibit

ANAHEIM, CA, May 23 – Chris Ziegler from the OC Weekly wrote on his review of Ghost Stories and Fairy Tales “Mississippi artist Geoff Mitchell is a storyteller first and foremost, dedicated to bringing to material life the deep and mysterious narratives that at some level make humans truly human. And his new “Ghost Stories and Fairy Tales” exhibit explores the thin line between the two—maybe even the thinner line between what we think of as stories and what we think of as reality—with an arsenal of paintings, a pair of short films, an event-specific ambient soundtrack and of course Mitchell’s noted seventh-scale miniature dioramas, which serve as stages for the stories he hopes to tell. Think of it as a mix between a waking dream, a campfire tale and those oddly affecting old stop-motion Harryhausen fantasy films that set the stage for the eye-grinding CGI of today; it’s a different and older kind of magic, and it might be more powerful for it.”

Chris Ziegler, “Ghost Stories and Fairy Tales: A Ceremony of Make Believe Exhibition” OC Weekly,